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About Us
About Our Product

Our product, WILLECO, whose patent is registered by Japan Patent Office and is being applied for an international patent has Four Characteristics.
  1. Reduce Exhaust Gas
    WILLECO is an eco-friendly fuel oil additive which is made from plants. WILLECO can make fuel oil burnt almost completely by adding it to fuel oil. As a result, WILLECO can significantly reduce exhaust gas.
  2. Improve Fuel Consumption and Reduce CO2
    Since WILLECO can make fuel oil burnt almost completely, it can improve fuel consumption efficiency nearly 40%, and reduce carbon dioxide(CO2), a greenhouse gas, nearly 40% as well.
  3. Preserve Fuel Oil for a Long Period
    WILLECO can be used as anti-degradation agent of fuel oil. The fuel oil with WILLECO can be stored for much longer period (for several years).
  4. Produce More Clean Oil
    If you add WILLECO to crude oil and refine it, it can produce more clean oil. It is proved that the first drop point of crude oil with WILLECO is lower than that of crude oil without WIIECO.

* WIILECO can be applied to not only gasoline and diesel oil, but also any kind of fuel oil such as bunker oil, kerosene, heavy oil, jet fuel and so on.

How to Produce WILLECO

The production process of WILLECO is quite simple.
Mix powder made from plant with petroleum liquid such as kerosene, then leave it in closed tank for from several days to two weeks.

Our Business Plan (Proposal)
  1. We produce powder at our plant in Japan, then export(transport) it to you.
  2. Mix powder with petroleum liquid (such as kerosene) and leave it for certain period in closed tank (WILLECO production completed).
* We can give technical advice to produce WILLECO (liquid) if necessary.

About Will Eco Co., Ltd.

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Will Eco Co., Ltd., is following ultra-modern technology development to safeguard people suffering from harmful air pollution across the globe. Our concern has properly contributed to the field by well managing business role of a manufacturer boasting of international repute. We are paying our entire concentration on bringing perfect quality for our precious customers at the best prices. Our business that started back in 2017 has successfully got strong recognition in the competitive structure by accomplishing innovative needs of the market.

Our young corporation has carried out a deep field research so as to perfectly understand existing market needs.
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Company Policy

Company Policy

To be successful and favorite of customers, we are stepping ahead in the industry by following several policies. 
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Buyers Satisfaction

Our company is highly focused towards satisfying the buyers. For this, we provide quality examined products in many specifications at fair rates.
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Why Choose Us?

We are highly reliable, honest and capable of meeting your demands for the perfect fuel oil additives. We work in such a manner that satisfy clients and make them choose us over others. 
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